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Covid information

Keeping you informed

Any general updates regarding Covid will be posted on the 'News listing' page in the 'News' section of this website:


If your child develops symptoms during the school day we will phone you immediately and ask you to fetch your child as soon as possible. 

If we have to send your child home to self-isolate, due to a confirmed case in their bubble, then we will text or phone you to collect them and give you a letter detailing how long they must self-isolate for.

What to do if....

The document below gives guidance on what to do in various Covid-related scenarios. If you are in any doubt please phone school before sending your child in.

If you receive a positive test result over a weekend, then it's important that you let us know immediately, so that we can inform those families whose children will need to self-isolate, before they arrive in school on Monday morning. You can do this by emailing glyn.thomas@castlehill.stockport.sch.uk.

Managing the risk and working safely

Our Covid Risk Assessment is based around year group bubbles, good hygiene and social distancing whenever possible. 

Our full risk assessment can be viewed here:

Covid Risk Assessment

Covid testing 

Students should continue to self-test at home over the Easter break and a text reminder will be sent each Wednesday and Sunday.

If your child tests positive please report this to NHS Test & Trace via the following site: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result 

If you need to contact school about home testing, please use the following email address:


Please note that this email address will only be checked once a day so you are unlikely to receive an immediate response. 

The link below takes you to a video outlining the testing and reporting process:

Step by step guide to Covid self-testing at home

If you ever get a positive test result you should:

  • Report the test result using in the usual way at www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result
  • Begin self-isolation for your child and everyone in the household
  • Book a PCR test to confirm the test result. If this test comes back negative then  self-isolation would no longer be necessary and your child could return to school. 

If you haven't yet given consent to home testing but would now like your child to take part, please contact school. 

Face coverings - June 2021 update

Although students are no longer required to wear face coverings in lessons, in response to the recent increase of cases of covid across Greater Manchester, Public Health Stockport are encouraging students in secondary schools to wear face coverings until the end of the summer term, especially in busy communal areas.

We are well aware that a significant number of our students will be exempt from wearing face coverings. The reasons for an individual choosing not to wear a face covering can relate to both physical and mental health issues and staff will not challenge students who choose not to wear a face covering. 

Students will not be disciplined if they choose not to wear a face covering and not wearing a face covering will not be considered a behaviour issue. 

Face coverings are still compulsory on transport to and from school (both public transport and local authority transport).

Many thanks for your cooperation in this matter which will help to keep all students and staff at Castle Hill safe and Covid-free. 

Remote Learning

Information on our Remote Learning plan can be found here:

Remote Learning

Learning resources on this website

If your child is self-isolating and has completed all work set for them, then there are a couple of pages in the 'Students' section of this website that might be useful.

The 'Homework' page has links to useful educational websites recommended by our subject leaders, grouped by subject: 


The 'Fun Stuff' page has a variety of educational games and fun websites:

Fun Stuff

Resources provided by our OT and SaLT teams

Our Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) teams have produced the following resources to help with Covid-related issues:

Understanding Social Distancing

Coping with Coronavirus and isolation

Keeping calm and supportive parenting 

Expressing and managing emotions

Hand washing

Sensory Circuits at home

Social stories and how to use them'Feeling anxious about coronavirus' social story

'Pandemics and the Coronavirus' social story

'Why do I need to stay at home?' social story

'Why I need to stay at home' social story book

'Coronavirus' talking mat

Managing anxiety