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Learning Habits

There are 5 learning habits that we focus on in the Sixth Form, to help you to develop and progress:

Resilience: Dealing with difficult situations, both mental and physical, in a positive way.

Reasoning: Being careful, methodical and logical. Using our minds to work it out.

Reflecting: Learn from your mistakes and reflect on your success. Think about your work and actions and how they help or impede you and others.

Collaborating: Work together as a team. Listen to others ideas and learn to empathise- understand their point of view.

Questioning: Have a lively, enquiring mind and ask good questions. Be prepared to challenge your own ideas.


There are displays in the Sixth Form entrance to help you to remember what the habits are.

These learning habits are important life skills that you will need to be able to use effectively when you get out in the wider community and employment.

learning habits.pdf

  • What you are learning?
  • Why you are learning it?
  • Which learning habit(s) you are using?
  • What do you need to do to make your work better?


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